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To fund your business start up or expansion you’re almost certainly going to need a business plan to convince the bank or investors that your business is a good financial risk.

A business plan should demonstrate how much money you need, why you need it and when your investor is likely to get repaid. It should install confidence in your business and management skills to convince your bank, financier or investors to lend you the necessary funds. To raise substantial capital for your privately held business your business plan must be clear, complete and realistic. A poorly prepared business plan will impact on your chances of receiving the funding.

How Ample Finance can help you?

Ample Finance Team Members could help you develop your business plan. Having a business plan can deliver substantially more than just a document to satisfy your financiers. It can be a road-map for your business growth and success that both business owners and staff can refer to for guidance and direction. Without a business plan you can’t measure your success or establish your priorities.

To succeed you need a clear vision for your business and a business plan will convert that vision into strategies and steps. Your vision should outline where you want to take the business in the medium to long term and can be expressed as a series of objectives. Using some financial modelling tools we can prepare ‘what ifs’ calculations so you know your best and worst case scenarios but without knowing your financial goals you are missing a key driver for your business plan.

At Ample Finance’s we conduct extensive research into each client’s industry and prepare detailed industry and competitor analysis for our clients.

Ample Finance’s Business Planning are industry focused content covering all aspects of the business’s operations, strategic goals, marketing strategies and financial projections.

We are here to help you plan your business.  Our fee of Business Planning Service is on case-by-case basis, but our first hour of consultation is FREE.

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