Ample Finance utilises different channels to assist our clients. You can send files and any supporting documents to us 24/7/365 by using the upload form below.

We use advance 256-bit SSL encryption technology to protect the file transmissions.

We support below file formats which are used by major accounting & office software:

“*.myo, *.mye, *.myox, *.dat, *.prm, *.des, *.iif, *.nd, *.qba, *.qbb, *.qbr, *.qbw.tlg, *.qbx, *.qby, *.qbw, *.qbb, *.qbi, *.cnt, *.qbo, *.qwc, *.qbp, *.aif, *.qba.tlg, *.1pa, *.txt, *.doc, *.docx, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.csv, *.pdf, *.zip”

Please be advised that you can upload maximum three (3) files at a time and the maximum file size is 150MB per file.

Please also read our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.

By uploading files and providing your information to us, you are deemed to accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.

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