2018 Tax Deadline

The 2018 Tax Deadline is Tuesday, 31 October 2018

Ample Finance can help you quickly bring your taxes up to date before the 2018 tax return deadline

Ample Finance can help you quickly bring your taxes up to date before the 2018 tax deadline

The official period for lodging your tax return is 1 July – 31 October 2018.

(If you still have not lodged a 2017 tax return, we recommend doing that as soon as possible. You can still finish your tax return with us, just use our online chat or online form)

Why should I lodge my return before the tax deadline?

Taxpayers who don’t lodge before the tax deadline 2018 could face financial penalties and interest charges from the ATO.

Even if you earned $18,200 or less in the past financial year AND you had no tax withheld from that income, you might not be required to lodge a tax return, but instead you are required to submit a Non Lodgement Advice.

What are the possible ATO late penalties and charges?

Penalties for Late Lodgement

Australian tax laws authorise the ATO to apply penalties for the following offences:

  • Fail to lodge a return or statement on time
  • Fail to meet other tax obligations
  • Fail to withhold amounts as required under PAYG system
  • Make a false or misleading statement

Failure to lodge on time penalty is calculated at the rate of one penalty unit for each period of 28 days or part thereof that the document is overdue, up to a maximum of five penalty units. The value of one penalty unit equal to $210 per unit.

If you don’t lodge your return before the ATO’s tax return deadline of 31 October 2018, you could face financial penalties and even interest charges from the ATO.

This table shows typical fines the ATO can impose on you for lodging after the tax deadline:

Days Past DeadlineLate Lodgement Penalty
1 – 28 days$210
29 – 56 days$420
57 – 84 days$630
85 – 112 days$840
113+ days$1050

General Interest Charge

General interest charges (GIC) may also apply to unpaid tax that’s owing such as:

  • Any tax, charge, levy or penalty that is unpaid or paid late
  • An shortfall in your income tax instalment

General interest charges can also be charged on any amount owing to the ATO at a rate of 8.96% per annum.

There is also a tax shortfall interest if your tax return is amended and results in more tax owed to the ATO.

How can I quickly get my late taxes up to date?

My Tax Returns Online by Ample Finance is fast, easy and simple. Our step-by-step online tax return can help you finish your return in minutes. If you need a hand or if you have questions, you can talk to a qualified accountant anytime by online chat. No appointments!

How do I get a 2018 tax deadline extension?

Depending on your tax history, you may be granted an extension which will allow you to lodge after the 2018 tax deadline. The length of extension will generally vary from person to person.

Ample Finance helps lots of people get tax return deadline extensions each year. If you’re not sure if you are eligible for an extension, get in touch with Ample Finance, we will be able to check your ATO records for you.

To be eligible for a 2018 tax deadline extension, you must be registered with a tax agent like Ample Finance, and you must do that before the 31 October 2018 tax deadline.

Simply use our online chat, or fill up this form. Or contact us directly via email or call 1300 798 250.