Tax Return 2020

The 2020 tax return will be available for lodgement. It is for income that you earned between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2020. Ample Finance can assist you with your 2020 tax return anytime.  It’s best to lodge your return earlier rather than later, because, why not get your tax refund as soon as you can? Ample Finance will help speed up that process for you.

Complete your 2020 tax return
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Important 2020 Tax Return Deadlines

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The 2020 tax return deadline is Thursday 31/10/2020

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When can I start my 2018 tax return

When can I start my 2020 tax return?

You can start your 2020 tax return now!

Your 2020 tax return is ready to go at Ample Finance, for ATO lodgements starting July 1st 2020. Most people can do a return starting in early July, after getting a PAYG Payment Summary.

After getting your income & deductions information, and we will provide you a tax refund estimate. Then Ample Finance will do final checking, suggest corrections and additional deductions if necessary, then lodge to the ATO via the electronic PLS system to get your refund as fast as possible.

Your 2020 tax return is for income that you earned between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2020.

Should Ample Finance be my tax agent?

For most Australians, the answer is “yes”. And your tax preparation fees are tax deductible.

Individuals Using Tax Agent

We can provide Tax Help for All Occupations

plus tax return for every other profession and every income level – from students to CEOs.

How can you get a bigger tax refund?

Here are some important tips

Keep track of tax deductions year-round
Work-related tax deductions are an important way to improve your tax refund. Do you know every deduction and work-related expense that you’re legally entitled to claim on your tax return? For most of us, the answer to this question is “no”. That’s why more than 71 per cent use an tax agent like Ample Finance Just ask your tax agent about tax-deductible expenses and what you can claim, because they can often suggest an additional deduction you didn’t know about.

Enter all of your income
This includes everything earned from your job, bank interest, Centrelink payment, rental property income and investment income. If you don’t add all of your income at the start, the ATO will find it later and you might get a lower refund than you hoped.

Claim Work-Related Mobile Phone Expenses
If you use your mobile phone for work-related calls, then you can also claim a proportion of your yearly mobile phone bill on your tax return.
To work out the proportion of your mobile phone bill you can claim, you’ll need a monthly account statement from a “typical” month, and a calculator. Work out the percentage of work related calls you made, and then claim that percentage of your yearly bill.

How can you get a bigger tax refund

Should I use myTax at the ATO?

If you have extremely simple tax affairs, little to deduct and you are comfortable with the tax return and assessment process, myTax might be okay for you.

But with ATO myTax, you are all by yourself.

If you want help to boost your refund, you’d be better to use a tax agent service like Ample Finance. For friendly support from a tax agent who’s on your side, a tax agent is who you should talk to. If you’d like help with a check-over, or even from start to finish, from somebody who’s on your side, you’d better avoid myTax. But, at Ample Finance your support team is always ready to help. A tax agent gives you the confidence it’s been checked and lodged correctly.

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